About us

About Us

“Wood Pack” is a dynamic, competitive and promising company with high operational standards and ambitious plans for the future. Our main activity is manufacturing, trade and supply of wooden pallets and boards for pallets. Besides standard wooden pallets, depending on the customer’s needs and preferences, we can manufacture custom-made items of various shapes and dimensions. Moreover, the company offers construction timber suitable for structures, scaffolding, roofs, finishes and fences. Our goal is to make sure we only provide high quality products, this is why we are always involved in the production from the very beginning to the last stage of manufacturing.

The company’s strategy is to be known and recognized in the market and to constantly increase its market share. We supply our products to the local market as well as to our clients in various EU countries. Most of the products are exported to Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden. According to customers’ needs and expectations, we try to make the supply process as smooth as possible so that the customer always receives the order on time.

UAB Wood Pack’s goal is to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with customers. Therefore, every customer is equally important to us and we are always ready to offer the price-quality ratio that satisfies both parties.

What do we offer?

Quality and timely production;

Best value for money;

Flexible and responsive attitude;

Consultation regarding product choice;